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  1. you need iranian SIM cart or SMS Service
  2. you need Iranian IP Or V.P.N 
  3. you need One iranian Cart bank (Shetab Cart)

Go into settings > apps > galaxy apps > then ‘Force Stop’ > storage > ‘Clear Cache’ > ‘Clear Data’ After this turn your phone of and take your simcard out. With your simcard still out turn your phone back on and launch Galaxy Apps – it should now be in the new region. If you aren’t in a new country, try using a iranian V.P.N

Open Iranian V.P.N and download Pubg frome galaxy store …

OK … After download open this game

Select UC in Game … and press one money from us ….

Select Shetab Cart and press pay with shetab cart … maybe only 60 us active …

After press pay … show your موبایل you write number sim cart from iran . You will receive an SMS. Enter a 5 digit number as SMS.

Write cart number or shetab cart …

شماره کارت = cart number رمز اینترنتی = password تاریخ انقضا = Expiration date ماه = Month سال = year کد امنیتی = write number image ایمیل = Email

Write all sepcifications … and press buy

Ok finished . automatic returns to game screen and show you pay successful .

Price UC in Iran :

قیمت یوسی در فروشگاه سامسونگ

ردیفقیمتUCیوسی و رویال
13,300 تومان60 UC60 UC
218,832 تومان330 UC300 UC + 25 هدیه
333,300 تومان660 UC600 UC + 60 هدیه
483,300 تومان1800 UC1500 UC + 300 هدیه
5166,633 تومان3850 UC3000 UC + 850 هدیه
6333,300 تومان8100 UC6000 UC + 2100 هدیه
733,300 تومان600 UCرویال پس الیت
883,300 تومان1800 UCرویال پس الیت پلاس

* if no show gift close V.P.N Now.

* Error Feature is being optimized and currently unavailable is for pubg … pubg closed this system. Wait for open again.