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Kursunlu waterfall

The Kurşunlu Waterfall is located 19 km from Antalya, Turkey at the end of a 7 km road branching off to the north of the Antalya-Serik-Alanya highway at a point 12 km east of Antalya. It is reduced to a mere trickle in the summer months.
The waterfall is on one of the tributaries of the Aksu River, where the tributary drops from Antalya’s plateau to the coastal plain. It is situated in the midst of a pine forest of exceptional beauty, and the environs provide a picnic and pleasure spot about twenty minutes by car from the centre of the city of Antalya.

The waterfall and its surroundings covering an area of 586.5 ha (1,449 acres) was declared a nature parkby the Ministry of Environment and Forest on May 21, 1991.

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